Sunburn Itch Relief

If you are looking for sunburn itch relief then you have spent too much time in the sun without taking the correct precautions. Sunburn can be very irritating and incredibly sore so finding relief and home remedies can be important to relieving the pain and itching.



What is Sunburn? 

Before we go into sunburn itching and remedies it is good to know what Sunburn is and how it is caused. As you will already probably know sunburn is the cause of the outer layer of skin being exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays excessively. If spending a lot of time in the sun then it is very easy to lose track of time so it is very impotent that you apply sun cream regularly or limit yourself to the amount of sun you get. Sunburn is usually very difficult to detect until it is too late and you don’t usually feel the affects until later that day or the following day. It is also important to keep applying the sun cream as it does have a limited time.


Sunburn Remedies

There are lots of sunburn remedies you can buy of the shelf at you local chemist but there are many homemade remedies that wok just as good. Hydration is vital when you are suffering from sunburn, applying lukewarm water with a sponge or clothe to the area will cool the skin, or a cool shower or bath will do the same.  Drinking plenty of water will rehydrate you and replace any water that has been lost through sweating. The best liquid for you is water and avoid alcohol, as this will dehydrate you even more so.

Applying moisturiser will also cool your skin but also moisture the damaged area and will prevent the skin drying out and becoming more painful. The ideal moisturiser will need to contain aloe vera as this is a natural form of itchiness or soreness.

If the sunburn is serve, a hydrocortisone cream can be used.  This reduces the pain and swelling of the damaged area but care need to be taken to not apply this to sensitive parts of the body, for example, face or genitals.  Painkillers can be used also to help relieve any pain you may be suffering.  If you are in pain and unsure of treatment it is always best to consult your GP who will advise the best sunburn itch relief for you.  If a child or baby has sunburn, develops blisters or a temperature consult your GP ASAP!


Preventing Sunburn

Protecting your and your family’s skin from sunburn is important.  Using a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) will help you achieve this.  The minimum that should be used is SPF 15.  The higher the SPF factor the more protection you will have.  Skin needs to be protected from the suns UVA and UVB Rays.  Sun protection cream is stocked in a variety of store and easily accessible.  When using sun cream reapply on a regular basis to achieve the best protect for your and your families skin.

Staying out of the sun when it is at its strongest will also help, this is between 11am and 3pm, and always keeps children in the shade when possible.


I hope my tips on sunburn itch relief have been helpful and burning is not a good way to tan, it is a dangerous way to tan!


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